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Question Dolphins/Water Themes

We are just beginning to redecorate our 11 year old's bedroom. He wants a "dolphin" theme but unfortunately, neither my husband or I are very creative. I have looked in all the paint stores but have not come up with very many ideas. We were thinking the walls would look like water with dolphins, fish and other sea life. Any ideas on how to paint to make the wall look like water??
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I really can't think of any way to do it. Try posting this in the Dec. & Design forum, might have some luck there.
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Ocean Walls

Here's an idea that might work for you. I just finished painting my bathroom which has an ocean/beach theme. The wall colors are blue/green/white and looks a lot like the ocean. First I used a technique called "roller fidgeting" which consists of pouring 2 paint colors (the blue and green) into a roller tray, one at each side (they don't mix together). Then I used a long pile masonry roller and skimmed it over the surface of the colors. I rollered it on the walls at varying angles, but I didn't like it. My bathroom is dark and these colors didn't help. So I started sponging some white over the blue and green and wow, it looks awesome now! Looks like sea spray, or white foam from the waves. Everyone that sees it loves it.
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Try posting this in the Dec. & Design forum
Definitely re-post, but go into the Faux Finishing forum - there's a pro there who'll know just what to tell you!!! good luck!
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Humans have always found dolphins to be enchanting creatures. Ever since the days of the first seafarers, they have been the subject of numerous works of art, literature and myth.

dolphins are very sociable and intelligent mammals that belong to the group called ”Whales” . There are about 30 different species of dolphins but I have chosen to write about the bottlenose – dolphin, which is the most common dolphin.
They exist all over the world in all tempered and tropical seas. They enjoy companionship a great deal and that is why they live in big groups with about 100 dolphins . The strong social bond that developes between them is very strong - especially the one betwwen a mother and its child. Their length of life is about 50 years and they have a lot of fun during their lives since they play most of they day...

The dolphinsīs ancestor lived at shore once, which is very rare for a mammal. All the organ that would prevent its movements in the water have been changed, for example its outside ears and its legs. They still have to breath air but otherwise have they succeded to adapt themselves into a life under water.
dolphins have very large and folded brains which suggest exeptional intellectual capacity . It is heavier and more advanced than the monkeyīs and even our brain. Their unusual high level of inteligence and their special qualities have made them objects for intensive scientific research and many experts believe that dolphins are intelectually equivalent to human beings, if not superior.
Over the centuries have many people tried to revere dolphins but many people have also tried to slaughter them. Over the past five decades have humans slaughter millions of dolphins in the name of wealth, and in some cases reduced their population to small fractions of what they were...

There are also a lot of dolphinariums around the world where dolphins are kept in captivity and trained to perform in front of audiences. Whether or not this is ethical is a source of much debate. Is it degrading for them or do they enjoy their time in captivity?
dolphins are very emotional and they often show their feelings. They can not show
face – expressiones like us humans but they can cry both happy and sad tears and they are also able to laugh.
They have a very strong helpinstinct. They help the female – dolphins through her pregnancy, they co – operate with each other while their hunting, protect each other from harm and they have also saved human beings from drowning a several times.

The dolphins seem to have learned the lesson that love is the most important part of life since they just live their lives in joyful harmony with each other. They donīt go to war and they donīt pollute their environment so the question is: are they more intelligent than us?
I think so, and if I could have a life after death I would wish for a life as a dolphin...

Robin Hauser

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