16' ceilings to paint... how to reach?


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Question 16' ceilings to paint... how to reach?

We have 16' ceilings in the family room. They need painted, as well as the ceiling fan needs replaced, which is about 12' up from the floor.

Problem: how to reach that far up. There are 'extension' ladders that are 16' or 20' tall, but you have to lean them against something.

If we leaned them against the drywall, we'd go right thru it (right?).

Any suggestions on how to reach up that high? Both for the fan, and the painting?

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couple of options

You have a couple of options.

1. Hire a pro to paint it for you. Your safety and peace of mind are worth something.
2. Rent a scissors platform that will reach.
3. Rent one of those scaffold platform on wheels.
4. Buy two "4-in-1" ladders, the kind that can be used as either a tall step ladder or as an extension ladder. Then buy a pick (platform) to put between them.

Factor in the rent/purchase and extra time involved for options 2-4 and the cost of paying someone else looks pretty good.
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We use extension ladders leaned up on the wall. Have never fallen through yet! A 16' ladder would work for your walls, just use it to cut in the ceiling line, and use a long pole on the roller to roll it out. And we use 'ladder mitts', soft pads that slip over the end of a ladder to keep from marking up the wall.
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Thanks for the ideas. I appreciate it.

I like the idea of the 16' ladder for painting the walls. I didn't know you could lean them against drywall (I actually thought one would fall through the wall)

One more question, if you use the pole with the roller on it, how do you paint around the brass ceiling fan 'thingy' in the middle of the room, without getting the brass 'thingy' all covered with paint from the roller (especially because the ceilings are so dirty, the new paint will not be the same shade).


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i think u'll have to mask that brass thingy up first before you paint. this way it won't get it messy.

in my case, i have a 16' ceiling in the stair way area. i'm going to be using a roller.. so i'm worried that i may not be able to paint the areas on the edges. cuz i don't think the roller will reach into the tight edges.
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To be able to reach the area you are working is important. Using an extention pole is great if nothing is in the way and 16' is within reach. I would get an aluminum 8' step ladder to tape off, & work around the ceiling fan and or replace? it. I also have leaned an extention ladder again more than a few walls and don't worry about their collapsing. I use a couple of socks on the extention ladder ends (taped on) to keep from marking up the walls. lol......jeff
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If you can't get to the fan with an extension ladder, you can use a thing they call a 'long-arm brush holder'. You clamp a brush in it, attach it to a rolling pole, and brush around the fan with it.

Another tip, when cutting in any high walls or objects on the ceiling, cut at least 6" worth, so its easier to overlap with the roller, and not bump the ceiling/fan.
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