Touch up... HELP!


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Touch up... HELP!

Hi everyone,
Moved into a new home with good paint on the walls, (well, it looks good, nice color, we aren't changing.) Wish I could say how old it is, but there were little hints that it wasn't too long ago. So, I notice a few "spots" that need touching up. The previous owners left the paint in the garage, so I decide to touch it up. I stirred the paint very well, took a small bush, and went at it throughout the house. Apparently, my cardinal sin was not doing a less noticable spot, seeing how it turned out, THEN proceeding. I basically put it on... (looked like a perfect match when wet..) NOW.... (and it is the right color) it's been 36 hours or so, and the spots all look "wet"; they just stand out from the rest of the wall. Now, normally, I'd just paint the entire wall over, (it does have a light texture to it as well...) but this is a 2300 sq. foot house, and has these marks on about 5 different walls throughout... and two walls are sky high, so I do NOT want to repaint all of this. Any suggestions? Is there a way to fix this?

Thanks for any input, much appreciated.
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MV, ur in the same situation as me. i recently bought my first house and like you, the paint looks great. only exceptions were the patches the owners fixed on the wall making the rest of the room off color.

i think even if u did get the right color.. i think after many years, dust and other stuff will tend to change the color the wall. so even if you use the original paint.. when dried it will look whiter than before. so i would suggest repainting the walls...

my ceiling are over 10 ft high in the stairways.. so... a lot of fun i'll be having.
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Sounds to me like they painted the walls etc. the same color as the trim and doors? You probably have the semi-gloss left over paint. Semigloss will shine more (looking wet) after it is dry. If this is the problem paint a 2" square on some card stock and have it matched in flat then repaint the "touch up" spots.
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