Anyway to fix paint drip marks


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Anyway to fix paint drip marks

I just recently purchased a house and was in the process of letting my girlfriend help me paint.(Mistake #1) Needless to say, now that the first coat of paint is on, I discovered that where she had been working there are now dried paint drip marks. I was wondering if there is any good way to fix this without risking the entire paint job? I was thinking of sanding them down but I'm not sure if would ruin the texture of whats currently there? Thanks.
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Well, test it in an inconspicuous area... I would use a fine grit sanding block... very fine! Sanding the drip down shouldn't be a problem. Then re-roll with a small roller. It'll depend on the color how well it dries and blends in. You should be ok.

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I use a sharp small[1 inch or less] paint scraper by sandvic [orange handle] removes drips and roller marks[the ones left by the edge of the rollers]. drag it over the area in multiple passes till flush.Put on second coat. Your done.

PS keep an eye on mistake #1
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Chris S27
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Joneq's idea is good too.

One more thing I wanted to mention/suggest.

I've used very small foam tipped "brushed" for small touch ups...they've been great. If you're able to simply scrape off the drip marks, these would be ideal for trying a small touch up. Eliminates the need for a roller, and as well, you dont get the same look of brush strokes as with a brush.
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I use a single sided razor blade. I use parallel to the surface first to cut of the excess of the drip or glob and then perpendicular to act as a "plane" and scrape the excess down to the reg. surface height. Latex is soft and too much force will rip it away rather the cut it. Sanding can rip and tear it also. The scraper sounds like a good idea thanks joneq.
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