painting greasy kitchen


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painting greasy kitchen

the walls and ceiling are oily and smokey from cooking alot,what is the best way to go about painting.what kind of primer and paint should i use?
it looks like the last time it was painted it was done with semigloss.they probably painted over the same thing because the paint is a little soft and can be scraped with fingernail.
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Yep, they may have messed up last time, but no excuse for this time. I like tri-sodium-phosphate (TSP) for clean up before painting. I usually buy the powder and mix it as needed, WEAR REALLY GOOD RUBBER GLOVES, because it will suck the oil right out of your hands as well as the walls.

Clean a small area at a time, 4 feet wide by the height of the wall usually works for me. You may need to use something a little abrasive if you've got soft paint that's not sticking. Use an oil base primer and paint with semi gloss.

However, if you dont' have AND USE a good kitchen exhaust the grease problem will come back.

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painting greasy kitchen

what should i do if just about all of the paint is soft?what do you suggest i do other than scraping the whole kitchen?what would be the easiest way or what would you do?

thanks for reply
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If almost all the paint is soft and peeling, the new paint job will not stick either. The ONLY way to do it is the right way. Remove as much of the old peeling paint as possible so the new job will have something to adhere to. Clean the newley uncovered surface as slumlordfrank indicated. Apply a coat of GOOD primer then a GOOD paint of your choice.If you do not have a stable surface for the paint you will not be happy with the job.
Post back with any questions you may have on this or future projects.

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