Painting horizontal blinds

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Painting horizontal blinds

I have horizontal blinds with 2" slats - some kind of painted simulated or real wood - hard to tell. Ideally I'd like to change the color to match my new trim color. Obviously I would have to take the blinds apart which does not seem to be a real big deal.

I have painted with some of the new latex paints that flow out real well especially when the surface is level so I'm not too concerned about brush marks. Or I could rent spray equipment if necessary.

However, the problem when painting small objects on both sides is drips on the underside and supporting the slats so they don't become attached to whatevere they are lying on. Spraying would be one way to avoid this. Anyone ever tackled this?

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i've moved your question to the Painting forum, since it's a painting project (minor detail that it's blind slats that you're painting).

the pro's here will be able to tell you about prep work & primer, etc. and how to avoid drips.

good luck with your project! post back when you're done & let us know the results!
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Anyone ever tackled this?
No way
Years ago I would brag I could paint anything.
Now I think twice if it would just be easier to buy/replace the object. I would never be able to justify a price/timeframe to do something of this nature.
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Never tried painting those before. I don't know that I would tackle it. As PWG said, it isn't cost effective to have a pro do it. However, I understand not wanting to spend many hundreds for replacements.

First price replacements. Then decide if you really want to change the color. The price the rental of a sprayer. If yes, you have nothing to lose by trying it yourself. Don't even think or attempting this project with a h/o grade sprayer from the local big box.

Taking the individual slats down is a real pain in the neck. Some would have a lower opinion. You may just want to leave them attached and support the railing. Leave the slats slightly open. Tape everything you do not want painted. And I do mean everything!! That includes all nooks, crannies, crevices, etc. Overspray will happen. My wife once painted our van that was parked 60 feet away and around the corner. Yep - the breeze carried the overspray.

Use a quality primer first. You only want to do this once and proper prep is key. Follow with a quality paint.
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I am curious as to how these are connected to each other that makes them easy to disassemble.

Looking at the situation I might try to paint them in place with something like this
It will, I believe, spray [at a slow rate] properly thinned latex with floetrol added or oil with penetrol . I would remove the blind and put up a sheet of plastic [10 by 12] or so tape it at the cailing and then put the shade in backwards and opened a little prime it turn it around and prime the other side turn it around again and apply the finish coats and then do the good side. Masking like BobF suggests is a pain but necessary. I would probly use Bin in the can as a primer only because I don't know the tip size that come with the gun. If it was like 1mm I would buy a qt and use the gun[get some denatured alcohol to clean up with]. I might also try some petroleum jelly on the small parts I can't masy[latex only] Obviously they need to be clean and grease free

The Problem is how are they connected to each other ????? Rope----- chain???

Just my though without seeing anything and very little info.

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