painting vaulted walls

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painting vaulted walls


I have a quick/basic question. I have recently purchased a home w/ a large vaulted ceiling in the living room. Is it necessary to paint the entire wall up to the ceiling? Would it look funny if i stopped at an 8' typical ceiling height and left the rest white?

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PS Love the website. It has turned me into the ultimate "doityourselfer"...
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That's a personal taste question. Soooo... personally I think it would look goofy.
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I agree with caleyg, paint colors/schemes are a matter of personal taste. I've done what I thought were some of the butt ugliest paint jobs ever dreamed up, but the customer thought it was perfect! Everybody's taste is different, this is a decision you need to make for yourself, of course if you do it that way & don't like it, you can always repaint.
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Question Moved

Hello: Ben

Your question has to do with painting and decorations to the vaulted ceiling and not specifically to physical aspects of the vaulted ceiling in that living room. IMO. Therefore, I moved your question into this topic. Moving allows the diy painting and decorating pros, both of whom are in this topic, provide their advice and suggestions too.

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The only way I think you could get by by not painting above 8' would be to put a border or some trim at the break. Otherwise, as said before, it would look goofy.
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RE: painting vaulted walls

Thank you everyone for the replies and the moderator for moving my message.
I think I will go w/ painting the entire wall.
Talk soon.

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would you like one more opinion?

my vote: paint the whole wall floor to ceiling. vaulted ceilings are wonderful for creating a space that seems larger than it actually is. you do not want to chop it (essentially) in half - that would completely defeat the purpose and benefit of having nice tall walls & a high ceiling. you'd be visually lowering the ceiling, as your eye would be immediately drawn to the horizontal line at the 8' point.

as previously said, the only way to stop paint in mid-wall would be to add a wallpaper border or moulding of some kind at that point, but don't do it for the reasons i've stated above.

also, if you ARE wanting to use a border, the only place in a room like this where you can really put one is at the chair rail level. putting a border at the 8' ceiling height on the regular (side) walls, and then running it up to the peaks on the end walls, also tends to look "goofy".

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