Help - I'm in the middle of a faux finish nightmare...


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I painted my bedroom a very light green color (I have dark green carpet so it seemed appropriate). The ceilings are 8' high and I sponged the walls 3 1/2' up - with a dark green color. Now my bedroom looks like a bathroom! Needless to say, that wasn't what I was going for. Aside from repainting the whole thing, does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can do with it now? Maybe a treatment for the lighter upper half of the wall that would go with the darker sponging on the bottom? Something else?
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Can you bring any lighter colors into the bottom where you sponged it darker? What did you use, a glaze or paint? I just did a bedroom with beiges, using darker at the bottom. Darker beige with white sponge. On the top more white with beige from below as a softer beige. Keeping the area your working in wet, and then using second color also wet, smooth them together. Use a third sponge to blend them. It looks muted and soft. Maybe you can go over the dark green and mute with a softer green.
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I used an eggshell latex paint for the base coat and sponged on. The bottom of the wall - the darker green half isn't as "dark" green as I'm giving the impression it is. It's 4 times darker than the green on top with another coat over it that's 2 times darker than the top. It isn't all that dark for me to mute the color more. If I was to do that I think I'd be better off just sanding it down and starting over.
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Sponge again using your lighter base coat green but mix it 1 to 4 with latex glazing liquid. TRY of sample board first painted the same as you have now. Use a big piece of poster board to see if 4 parts glaze is too much. Glazing liquid will allow the darker green to show through but just a bit and the mix I suggest will SOFTEN the dark sponging and give you a molted green look instead of the sharp contrast you now have.

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