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What's the best way to remove a popcorn ceiling and then prepare it for painting?
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bajeanne, the "popcorn" has to be scraped off. Its a messy, messy job. Water will help the process.

Once the "popcorn" is removed, the joints will need to be mudded and sanded. One reason for applying the popcorn to ceilings is it saves the labor of mudding/sanding the joints so they are smooth. You may want to hire someone to do this.

When the joints are smooth prime the ceiling with a quality primer. Then apply two coats of ceiling paint.
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Bob is right, but WHOA. STOP. DO NOT PASS GO.
Popcorn ceilings historicaly contain albastos. Bad stuff. I have had to remove many of them. Have it tested first by taking a sample to a testing laboratory. There should be one in your Yellow Pages. It it dows contain albastos, you will be given some written material on how to remove it. Wet vaccums, masks, disposal, etc. Good Luck

Jack the Contractor

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