What can I do about patches of bubbling paint on the bathroom ceiling?


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I am currently trying to paint the bathroom ceiling with a paint intended for kitchens and bathrooms. he problem is that there is one patch that keeps bubbling up a couple of days after the 1st coat has been applied onto the plastered ceiling. The bathroom does have an extractor fan, but even so, gets very humid. Is there any speciality paint or painting technnique I should use to stop this happening?
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Hmmmm, Interesting! I wonder, do you have an existing coat of paint under the coat that keeps peeling up? And does this existing coat peel any? Is this Plaster you say, You may have a hot spot in the plaster that may cause an alkaline reaction with latex paints or What I really think is going on is an intercoat adhesion problem. Is this spot located above the shower or is it above the sink in front of the mirror. I have seen intercoat adhesion in front of sinks and mirrors caused by Hairspray that has floated or was shot up on the ceiling and caused a bubbling situation. Generally above the shower areas we run into soap scum causing intercoat adhesion. Could you give a little more specific info? Ron
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thanks for your reply. In answer to your questions - No, there isn't an existing coat of paint (there was one, but i sanded it off as it was bubbling. The spot is actually located above the toilet????? there was a less affected spot above the bath / shower which seems to be ok now it has been sanded down and repainted. Also, i don't know if it is of any help, but it looks as if there are some sort of crystals between the paint and the plaster when it bubbles off (this has happened a couple of times now). Does this help you diagnose the problem? Is my bathroom ceiling beyond repair (or should I be considering a 'toilet skylight')???
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That is the "Hot Spot" I am talking about, You just descibed to me that you are having an effloresence problem above the toilet. Moisture is passing thru your ceiling in that area above the toilet and thus leaching what appears to be a salt looking residue. You say that you have an exaust fan in the bathroom, When was the last time you cleaned it real well? If the fan is dirty and somewhat clogged it can hinder it's ability to pull moisture out of the bathroom, also have you checked to see if the exaust is venting properly outside.
Moisture may be collecting above the ceiling over the toilet and until you check to see if you can reduce the moisture you will constantly have a problem. Some other suggestions for you, Wash this blistering area with a solution of white vinegar and water 1/2 of each. This will help to lower the alkalinity of the plaster and may control the effloresence, allow to dry well and prime the Ceiling with Zinnsers BIN pigmented shellac, allow to dry and finish with a High quality 100% acrylic semi-gloss paint. Hope this helps and good luck!
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Just one added thought...if you have an attic space above this area the insulation may have moved causing a COLD SPOT in the ceiling area which may also be causing this problem in a definate spot. ALSO if you have a second floor bathroom above this area like a toilet or tub for instance you could also have a slow leak...causing moisture above the toilet area.
Just a few more possiblities.
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Excellent Posting Rainie, I forgot about those posibilities.

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