Painting a lacquer\laminate dresser

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Hi. I have a typical dresser with a mirror. It has a brown wood grain laminate/laquer finish (not solid wood). I would like to give it a new look. What type of paint should I use that will stay on this material? Are there any special preparation needed? I've never done anything like this before so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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You need to clean the surface extremely well. Use TSP. Trisodium Phosphate. Any paint store will have it. Now use a primer made by Zin. Make sure you use the Shellac based primer. It has a higher content of titanium dioxide which means better coverage and durability. I think its like 56 % Titanium. Home Depot carries it. You can even use it to prime tile or glass as long they are not in area where they will be subjected to long periods of moister. After cleaning with TSP also can be purchased at home depot, wipe the surface with denatured alcohol. The denatured is used to thin the primer and clean with too. Apply primer with a small fine roller. Or You can even buy an Portable throw away Aerosol Spray gun. It resembles a can of hair spray but it has a glass container at the bottom. You just
unscrew it pour the primer in. Thin a little with the denatured then screw back on to the aerosol sprayer and you end up with a sprayable primer. Cool Right? You can get that at Home Depot too for about $4.00. I use them all the time to touch up tubs and counters. After it is primed and has dried lightly sand with a 600 grit wet sand paper.
Then wipe surface with a tack cloth to remove
dust. Tack cloth is about $1.00 also can be bought at home depot or paint store. Actually all these products can be purchased at a paint store. Be sure to clean your little sprayer by running some denatured through it.
You can spray about 2 quarts of material with one sprayer. More then enough for this project. Now I would by an Alkyd or oil based
paint to spray over the primer. Mix paint and a little mineral spirits in your sprayer then have at it. I recommend the odorless
mineral spirits. Let dry a few minutes between coats. Recommend 3 even coats. You can also add a little Japan Dryer to the oil or alkyd paint. This will expedite the oil drying time. Oil based paints usually take a lot longer to dry but they spray easier and lay down better. If you need more help please visit my web site at
Gary Goel/owner Newkote Refinishing. We are just a shade better.

Gary Goel/Owner Newkote Kitchen & Bath Refinishing
We are just a shade better...

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