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Last weekend we started painting our house. We finished the southern and western sides of the house. Now we have noticed blisters on the paint in most of the lower boards on the southern side and all on the western side which is an eave. Both of these were painted in direct sun and 80 degrees. They dry up as the sun hits it. So is the problem that we painted in the direct sun or is it more of a moisture problem in the boards? I have started to scrape the paint off in the mornings when it is bubbled. I plan on sanding these areas and applying a kilz primer, and then re-painting when the sun is not directly on it, early mornings only. Any other things I should do? Should we be concerned about this when painting the northern and eastern sides?
Oh, we are using a latex paint. By the way how long after a rain should you wait to paint? Lots of questions here, sorry. Thanks for the help, Susan
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Sounds like you answered your own question. I believe that your boads are retaining moisture, causing the paint to fail.

The Kilz should help, but the board(s) do need to be dry.

The waiting period depends how much relative humidity recovery your geographic area gets. In the dry west it shouldn't take more than a day or so. In the south it might take more than a week.

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The problem is moisture from behind the siding. Go to a local quality paint store and ask for "wedge vents" ( measures 1.25" X 1.00" ). These wedges are for trouble spots on the siding and can easily be installed by anyone experienced with the common hammer.
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Use wedge vents and forget the KILZ. Use Benjamin Moore's exterior ALKYD oil primer and a Benjamin Moore top coat. Remember to use those wedge vents in all trouble spots!

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