pealing uneven paint and mold

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whoever had our house before should be shot,

I have a mold problem in the front bedroom, especially on the ceiling in the front corner, I suspect that this is caused by damp but am not sure of the signs to look for. Any hints?

Additionally they have painted the ceiling over an old finish without stripping and we now have uneven finish and peeling paint. They appear to have used some kind of render or thick rough finish.

I am proposing to strip it all the way back, sanding and then applying a base coat. Is this the right approach, what have I forgotten.

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Mold is caused by moisture and that is one of the signs that you have a moisture problem. You must locate the source of the moisture and solve that plus you must kill the mold spores or it can come back. While you are in there look for signs of dry rot in the wood - soft, spongy, you can poke a screwdriver right into the wood. Any surface finishing without locating source of moisture, etc. will not last long and not really be a good fix. You'd probably better call a professional to at least have them take a look at it and make their recommendation based on what they find.

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