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how do i go about cleaning brushes and supplies when using oil based paint. I am a first time painter?
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Mineral spirits or paint thinner.

Use a gallon bucket with about two inches or so of paint thinner, dab the brush against the bottom a few times(not straight down in a way to damage the bristles) and ring out with your hands, you may want to wear gloves. repeat this a few times and tamp out the thinner on the tip of your foot, repeat with clean thinner. If you want your brushes to last a long time do this until the thinner you ring out is clear. Alway put your brushes back into the shuck(brush cover) when finished.

If you have oil based brushes (especially china bristle) do not use soap and water, this will deteriorate the quality of the brush.

If your brushes start to look frayed or the bristles get all out of wack, you need better quality brushes, I would suggest Purdy.

Use a five gallon bucket for cleaning your rollers, dipping and ringing wearing gloves, until clean.

Be sure to dispose of the dirty thinner properly.

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