painting over painted door; best way to remove gloss


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painting over painted door; best way to remove gloss

I am about to paint over a couple of 4-panel bedroom doors that already have 2 layers of old paint. I don't want to go to the trouble of completely stripping the doors. I've read just to sand the door to remove the gloss for better adhesion.

All the sanding methods I try don't seem to rough up the surface at all. The last layer of paint seems to be quite resilient and isn't letting me scuff it up. What would anyone recommend using? I've tried an orbital sander and it just seems to be buffing the surface to an even higher gloss. It seems very impenetrable.

One other thing, it is peeling in maybe half a dozen small spots. I've removed any loose paint and was wondering if there was a way to level out those areas with sometype of spackling or something.

So if anyone knows the best way to prep the doors and smooth out any inconsistencies, I would really appreciate any help.

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You have two basic alternatives or additions to sanding to neutralize gloss.One is what is commonly known as "deglosser" but is also variously labeled as "liquid sandpaper" or "paint bond".Simply put this is a weakened version of paint remover which softens the top layer of paint on a surface so that paint applied to it will have better adhesion.It has a pretty quick drying rate so you have to work at a faster pace or it will dry out and have to be reapplied.Best to do smaller areas at a time.The other alternative is primer.A good quality bonding primer may,and I stress the word may,give you the adhesion you need.Oil base primer will bond and cover better but there is a trade off with odor and clean up.I still feel sanding should be attempted if you prime or using deglosser.As for the peeling areas,both alternatives will help cover these.Deglosser will soften the areas so they blend in better and/or primer will help fill them.Make sure you do sand the peeling areas to remove any loose material.
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Try 220 grit. Sounds like you are using to fine of a grit.
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