I need tips for sponge painting walls

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Ok......So I have already painted my little boys walls a light blue color and now I want to sponge paint some clouds and make it look like a sky.....(it's an airplane theme)So, I thought I could use a sponge and just dab them on, but after looking at the sponge I wonder if it will look too messy instead of light and fluffy. Anyone ever sponge paint before??? If so do you think I can make it work???? Thanks for a tip I'm clueless as usual..
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What a hoot!! Should look great when you're done. Get yourself some poster board to practice on and a sea sponge. Tear the sponge into pieces that will fit easily in your hand. Also plastic plates to put paint on and paper towels.

Try the paint full strength. Also watered down maybe up to 50/50. Don't forget shading. Clouds aren't all white. Use some greys too. Also, yellow-ochre shades if you want to have it look like they're being hit by the sun. Pick your spot for direction sun is coming from and make any areas exposed to that direction lighter then shade to darker from there.

Put the sponge in the paint and then dab most of it off on a pad of paper towels. This will allow you to get that translucent - glow look that clouds have. Play around with it until you get the look you like then go for it.

If you don't like it when done you can always just paint over it. Wish all our boo-boos could be dealt with that easily.

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