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Moved into a house where they didn't do a good job mudding the drywall. SO they put up cheap wall paper then cheap vinyl wall paper on that. This was put up on bare drywall. SO, I got my wallpaper stripping down but there are some really bad spots on the drywall plus some really bad joints to repair. NOW, I need some suggestions on what to do now. How about skim coating? Maybe a nice looking temporary measure until I decide to put up new drywall? I really would like to paint. What about the glue left on the drywall, will it show through under the mud? Can you tint plaster and apply that as a finish?, [but not the popcorn stuff] I really could torture the previous owners!!!!!!!!! HELP
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This is a common problem for DIYer's, I am assuming you tried to wash the paste off with warm water, letting it sit a few minutes before trying to remove, or wetting and scraping carefully with a 6" taping knife. If you tried that, then I may suggest sanding the walls with a 100 grit paper to smooth down the dried paste as much as possible.

To repair the drywall and bad joints, the joints will need to be bedded out, a light skim coat over the entire wall may be nesasary and if you are not comfortable with a 10 or 12 inch bedding knife and pan I would suggest getting a pro to do this. Just skimming the walls and running the joints should be fairly inexpencive and they can do it a lot faster.

Sometimes it is nesasary for the do it yourselfer to call in a pro for part of the job, there is nothing wrong with that, if you try the skimming and patching yourself and cause a mess, the pro may charge more to fix it.


To answer your question about tinting joint compound, I have seen painters do this, paint a base coat, tint the mud and splatter it on the base coat, it is an interesting effect, but the tinted texture must be sealed with a clear coat after applying, it will not stand up to normal wear and tear without protection.

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