Exterior painting in colder wheather

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I started painting my house several weekends ago and the last 4 weekends have rained, now the sun's finally back out, but it's turned unseasonably cold 40-45 degrees. The recommedation on the paint can is to paint only between 50 - 90. What are the risks of painting at the current temps?
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I would always recomend following manufacterers directions, unless it is a special application or circumstance. Painting when it is too cold can allow the paint to stay wet longer therefor subjecting it to component seperation or if it is still wet when the sun drops and it freezes it can result in premature peeling or not bonding to the surface.

It is best to wait for the right temp. than to have to scrape and re-do.

Most pro paint stores carry low temp paints that are formulated to paint in lower temperatures, if you would like to go that route. I am waiting for a rise in temperature for an exterior job myself.

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