pink tile in bathroom!!

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We are moving into a house that has pink tile in the bathroom!!!
My husband doesn't think he can keep breakfast down looking at pink every morning! Can it be painted? How?
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Yes tile can be painted, I would recomend a 2 part epoxy to do this, I have seen it painted with other but it does not hold up as well as epoxies. Here is a company that makes epoxy especialy for tile and tub painting:
There "How-to" page is kinda hard to find so:

Other than that, any pro paint store can recomend a primer that will adhere fairly well to tile, and you can paint over with a paint of your choice. Be sure to clean the tile thoroughly, sand with a 150 grit paper to "rough" the surface, clean off all dust and prime. If nesasary use a paintable caulk to fill any gaps wipeing smooth with a wet finger, allow to dry and paint.

Like I stated before, the top link is what I would recomend, or hireing a pro to apply the epoxy (they will have the tools nesasary)

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Before you go and paint the tiles...I would consider seeing of some form of painting or wallpaper would coordinate well with the tile and bring it all together.
Blacks, whites, greys go well with the pink...
Check out some wallpaper books and see how that pink is used in the may be inspired.
I just worry about the wear of painted tile...oh yeah one can do it...but it does require a different form of maintenance.

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