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I live in a 20-yr mobile home (14'
x72'). The dining/kitchen/hallway and bathroom all have the same ugly dark-brown/gold linoleum. The linoleum is also "reverse embossed", the design is deeply recessed into the linoleum, and the design is dark brown, with the raised parts being dark gold/amber colour. I want to know if this flooring can be painted, and if so, what kind of paint and would I need any type of sealer or clear-coat? Because the area of linoleum in my home is so large,(kitchen/dining room 14'x 16', hallway 4'x 24' + bathroom) right now it isn't feasible (cost-wise) for me to install new flooring.
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If you are going to paint your linoleum floor, be sure to get a wax stripper and strip any wax that may have been applied, useing a med steel wool to get into the pattern, clean thoroughly with TSP found at paint stores, sand lightly with 220 grit paper, vacuum up all the dust and get some tack cloths to remove any remaining dust. I would suggest going to a pro paint store and getting there polyurethane floor enamel useing the recomended primer, after priming lightly sand again with the 220 for smoothness, do not sand through primer. I would apply 2 coats. Linoleum is soft so be careful for the first few days after application, you could also check into a clear polyurethane topcoat to help decrease wear and tear on the paint but is not totaly nesasary.

The linoleum must be well adhered to the floor to do this, any loose places may result in the paint cracking or peeling off due to movement and stretching.

Hope this helps

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You can surely paint on your vinyl flooring..the prep is the key. Below is a link with pics and instructions.
As a person that has painted a floor, the one thing I learned is you can not scrub the floor with any scrubby guys..will scratch it...maybe some baking soda and a soft cloth for scuffs, but not anything more than is like taking a brillo to your car.
Here is the is going to look so much better.

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