Remodeling Bathroom, paint questions

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Remodeling Bathroom, paint questions

Alright, I have a couple of questions, one of them I already asked but I put it in the wrong forum. The first thing: The previous owner of my house was either completely foolish or just really sloppy when doing any interior work. My cabinets and trim are all painted normal trim white. The problem is he painted the handles and hinges and everything; just slapped paint right over them so removing the cabinets has been a real task because I can't even see the grooves in the screws they are so gobbed with paint. He also painted the trim to both the ceiling and floor so I have had a real hard time removing it without pulling parts of my ceiling down with it. I can tell there are LOTS of layers of old paint accentuated with nice little paint 'runs' so I want to get this old paint off and repaint the trim and if possible, leave the cabinets original and stain them. What would be the best way to get all those layers of old paint off? I figured a good paint stripper, but I would like to find one that is less hazardous to work with. Any suggestions on how to handle that?

Also, I would like to do is paint the bathroom walls the color of a sandy beach. I actually want the wall to have the grainy look, and coloration of the beach. I do not want to use wallpaper though because I hate it, so I have a quandry to figure out. I know you can buy sand texture paint, but I have never used it and I am not sure it would yield the results I am wanting. It seems to me if I slapped that on there, then painted it a regular 'sand' color (light tan or whatever) then the wall would just look like a textured, tan wall. So, what I would like to know is if there is a specialty paint that you know of that would create this effect. I did find this listed on Lowes website "Textured Millstone's multi-dimensional coating contains flecked white and black grains to create the look and feel of the rugged outdoors" Has anyone used this? Will it do what I would like?
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First, I know of no easy fun way to strip paint. Also wood that has been stripped usually doesn't take stain as well as unpainted wood. When removing trim peices try scoring or cutting the edge of the material before trying to remove it. On your bathroom walls you might experiment with thinned down drywall mud and try to get the texture you desire. The sand finish you add to paint normally just gives you a gritty surface. I'm not familiar with the lowes coating you mentioned but if it is like sherwin williams multi spec it requires being sprayed on.

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