Help needed to remove paint


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Help needed to remove paint


THis is my first post so be gentle. I recently painted my bedroom walls, this was my first paint job ever. My ceiling paint is different from walls. And there are some instances of the wall paint on the ceiling.

IS there any hope of removing that paint apart from repainting the ceiling?

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Shouldn't you be on the 'green' board?!

Sorry, I don't have an answer for ya though!
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if you would've had a damp rag in hand when you were painting, you could've just wiped most of it off while it was wet. and if you would've painted your ceiling first, you could go back now & touch up over the mistakes, but if you didn't, you'll see the new touch-ups on the probably dingy ceiling.

but i'm not a pro - maybe they know something different.
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You most likely won't be able to remove the paint if its already dry. If you have the EXACT paint that was used to paint the ceilings, just touch up those areas. If not, I'm afraid repainting is your only choice.
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if you can cut out a little piece of the paint about the size of a small nickle?, and take it it the depot [it is free there] have them match a gallon of ceiling paint[pretty cheap] to it.Repair the patch with some lightweight patch[ like thick whipped cream] from custom building products[depot again]. Use an artist brush to paint Just the affected areas. If the wall paint is dark get a spray can of Bin[shake it up good] and spray some onto a paper towel and apply it to the unwanted pant on the ceiling. If it works you win if not you lose.Do not pass go and paint the ceiling with the remaining paint. If you need more than 1 gal. buy another and mix them together, or if you only need a little extra add some floetrol to the paint and hope you don't run out. If after you touch up the ceiling it doesn't look perfect give it a while ? to see if normal daily living will magically transform it.

Normally I would say paint the ceiling it's easier and faster, but not when you will not be painting the walls. It is much easier to keep paint off the ceiling when painting the walls than it is to keep paint off the walls when painting the ceiling.
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Thanks !

I knew I had to re-paint the ceiling, but I was wishing for an alternative. Joneq, I will try out the options you mentioned.

Overall I feel satisfied since I have gained a lot of practical experience and the confidence that I can do a better job the next time.

Thanks every1
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