Questions about latex paint

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Questions about latex paint (benefits of acrylic)

I was always wondering about this. I mean when someone asks you WHy is latex paint good? like what is the best answer? durability? faster drying time?
And one more. Why is acrylic resins added to paint?

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The good points of latex are
dries faster, less odor, easy clean up, cheaper to use, etc.
oil base dries harder and covers stains better and in some cases will bond to surface better.
40 yrs ago oil was way superior to latex. A good painter wouldn't even consider using latex. Over the years latex has been improved over and over and quite often will now out preform oil base.
Don't know the tech reason but acrylic is added to latex to make it better.
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Acrylic resins have established themselves as a top-shelf ingredient among coating formulators because they have shown superiority in such respects as color and gloss retention, alkali and oxidation (chalk) resistance, hardness, adhesive and cohesive strength, and overall film durability. Generically, resins result from the polymerization of derivatives of acrylicacids, including esters of acrylic acid, methacrylic acid, acrylonitrile, and their copolymers. Also known as acrylate resins.

Read carefully, there will be a pop quiz on this first thing Monday morning.

Acrylics/water-bornes will also allow flex on substrates that are prone to movement due to temp., humidity, and abuse/usage among others whereas oils generally will not.
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Very informative answer by PWG. The best attribute in my book is the superior way latex allows moisture to pass through it. Oil base will come off the wall where there is water pressure (vapor) as it doesnt breath (which can be a good thing-like in your steamy bathroom). Second attribute is flexability, as temperatures rise and fall things (even steel) expand and contract and oil can split and crack. I agree with all marksr's reasons as well.
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I'll add my 2 cents. Latex has indeed gotten better for all the reasons mentioned. But the reason behind it is oil-based is harmful to the environment.

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