Kilz Casual Color 1 coat guarantee??

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Question Kilz Casual Color 1 coat guarantee??

I am looking for anyone who has used Kilz Casual Colors. It guarantees one coat coverage.
I am wanting to paint my Living Room/Dinning Room deep red. The walls are currently stuccoed white.
Any opinions or suggestions?
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I'll eat my hat if it covers the white in one coat.
Sorry, there is just no way a deep red will (fully) cover a white in one coat.
Be wary of products that make wide claims such as 'universal', or 'one coat coverage', as the old adage says, "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."
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read this .

maybe (probably) if you were going to be painting something fairly light, it would work, but not red or anything dark.
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I don't know if it will or it won't, but what do you have to lose. Behr does the same thing. If it doesn't cover go back and get some more ---free paint.

I put this out there because huldaclean seems to be looking for 1 coat coverage and not the best paint[or the worst] available at any price. The more expensive paint will need at least 2 coats anyway as pwg and Annette said. So if you will need at least 2 coats why not get the second coat for free. and pay less for the first coat to boot

I am routinely called back to peoples houses where I have previously put on Behr paint. I still looks good and nobody has complained yet. Another no brainer if you ask joneq. No room ever took more than 2 coats of finish paint even with Behr paint that was not 1 coat coverage. I do not use behr paint exclusively, but I do use it.

I am not saying Behr paint is the best paint in the world. I am saying it is perfectly acceptable under these circumstances. Another thin is that I believe Behr will guarantee any colr over any color. Kilz[masterchem] may not, but I don't know that.
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Unhappy You wont be happy

I am very dissatisfied With this product.

I have been in the home renovation and remodeling business for over 25yrs now and have used
Kiltz for priming almost exclusively, so when my FiancÚ choose a Kiltz Casual Color from our
local Wal-Mart I decided to give it a try.

The Bathroom was painted 3yrs ago with Behr Satin White. I started the project by washed the
walls and base board with a mild soap and water solution and allowed them to dry about 3 or 4 hours.
The walls where then primed with Kiltz2 tinted 2 shades lighter than the top coat. The primer
was allowed to dry 4 hours and the top coat was applied using a Performance Select Silver
Series 12' roller with a 3/8" Nap.

The first thing I noticed during the application was the paint felt very sticky going on the wall
almost like it was already starting to tack. It was almost impossible to get it to roll out smooth
and maintaining a wet edge was near impossible as well. By the time I finish applying the paint in a
6'x 8' bathroom (aprox. 35 to 40 minutes)the paint on the wall I had started on was already dry. I
allowed the paint 4 hrs to dry to find exactly what I expected, the hide was terrible. Although the
sheen was consistent the color consistency was not. We applied a second coat which went on exactly
like the first, with little to no difference. Although the hide did improve the color consistency
was still far from expectable.

this product guarantees to cover in one coat. It does not! It is with out a doubt the worst paint
I have ever used, bar none. Applying another coat to even out the color was not an option as we didn't
want the shade to darken anymore than it already had. I have just finished repainting the Bathroom with
Sherwin Williams Sher-Color Satin over Kiltz General purpose untinted primer and the finish looks

Don't waste your time or money you wont be happy.
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A little follow on

I was just checking my email before going to bed and low and behold I have gotten a responce from my complaint to MasterChem the Makers of Kiltz. I have cut and pasted it below for you all to enjoy.

Thank you for your email and for choosing to workwith us on your project. Your contact is important to us because we value our customers and their choice to use our products.

Your email has been forwarded to one of our Customer Care Representatives who will be responding to you as soon as possible. Please visit Behr Paint and Wood Stain - House Paint and Wood Stains for handy "how-to" information and a complete listing of our product offerings.
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I painted this weekend with Kilz casuals colors. Out of the 6 different colors that we used throughout our home, only one of the colors we selected was truly one coat coverage. It was a light green that actually covered over a very dark forest green with ease. We also used it over a dark yellow. But as for the mocha, cream, pale yellow, dark blue, and white colors that we bought, two coats were necessary. They were still better coverage than cheap paint, but far from one coat coverage.
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FPE would work...BUT...$$

If $$$ weren't an object...

I'd consider FPE.
I used a sample board that had some whites on it.
Used their Eurolux Matte, tinted to "Wine Red".
On purpose, I used a crappy foam brush, and pulled the coat REAL THIN.

...I was dumbstruck...ONE COAT looked flawless.
COMPLETELY hid the white. This stuff isn't normal...I mean that in a very good way!!

With this paint, you could conceivably do your room(s) in 1 coat.
* Yes, it's more expensive ($100 for the 2.56L Eurogallon), but your walls would look and wear like no other.
* It can be pushed as far as a normal U.S. gallon!
* This is assuming sound, cleaned walls, with no residues of any kind.
* You MAY actually SAVE $$ with a paint of this caliber.
* Would'ja rather do a Gray primer followed by 2 FULL COATS of your Red...OR...1 coat of FPE??!!

>>> I was so impressed with this paint, that I ordered a 1L. of Eurolux Matte "Brown Cafe" for my bathroom. Yes, I said bathroom!

I can't wait to paint this!

Check out this FPE page...


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