When to repaint?


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When to repaint?

How often should the interior of a house be repainted? (assuming they used good to great quality paint).

We just bought a 10 years old house. In the family and living room, the paint on the wall is slightly damaged/scratched from moving of the sofa and from drawing of the previous owner's children.

What are the steps I should take to restore the wall?

How do I determine the exact color of the paint they used on the wall?

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Interior paint should be repainted when it looks bad. If it was a quality paint, it will last almost forever, because there is no weather eroding it inside. If you just want to paint one room here is what I suggest. It sounds like you need some spackle if the damage is small, a can of stain blocking primer, for where the children drew on the wall, and if your are painting the same color, and I am assuming it is a neutral color, a gallon of paint. If the whole house is painted the same color I would go into a closet and cut a piece of the wall with a razor blade and peel the paint off. I would repair the damage with spackle and touch up. Now that you have a paint sample you can get it matched at a paint store. And it is time to paint.
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colour matching

These days its pretty easy to match colours. Like Trey said, get an actual chip of the paint, then take it to your paint store. They can either match it by eye, or scan it with their computer to give them the paint formula to follow.
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[QUOTE=TruongKy]How often should the interior of a house be repainted? (assuming they used good to great quality paint).

Interior paint jobs are all about wear and tear. I have seen some look good 20yrs later and others in need of paint after 6 months. Children are probably the hardest on paint jobs. As trey pointed out you repaint when it either looks bad or you want to change color.
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I don't know the answer to that question - my wife has me repaint to change the color long before the paint itself requires it

Quality paint will last a long long time.

As for matching the color - don't even try. Just get something close and repaint all the walls. Even if you get an exact match (you could use the exact same can) it still wouldn't match because the old paint will have accumulated enough dirt and worn just enough to have a different shade.

BTW - do follow the advice on repair and priming.

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