Cedar Siding Stain, OIL or Latex?!

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Cedar Siding Stain, OIL or Latex?! (100% Acrylic)

Well i just brought home a 5 gallon bucket of non refundable tinted Benjamin Moore LATEX Exterior Stain for my next project.

my home has cedar shake siding thats already been stained. I told the guy at the store what the application was and he sent me home with this stuff.

My brother just so happen to stop by and see the bucket and ask what it was. and hes insisting the BEST possible stain for cedar shakes is for me to go back and buy OIL BASED stain...

so gentlemen... what is it to be? OIL or LATEX?! did i just pi$$ away 130 bucks???

thanks guys,

ps when i say latex... the bucket actually says 100% Acrylic.... im assuming they are pretty much the same... both clean with water which is what got my attention...

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as long as your current stain is in pretty good condition... latex stain should be fine. what is on there now??? transparent, semi, or solid body oil base stain? solid body latex stain should go over fine with everything. is the current stain dark or light?/ latex never mildews as bad as oil based, so in certain aspects it is better. is it super spec or is it moorwood??
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The only problem with using latex on cedar is that the tannins can bleed through although it usually only shows on light color stains. Since your cedar already has stain on it, this is not likely to be a problem.
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this project is turning into a Complete CF... its a moorwood 100% acrylic...solid stain...
before i get started just want to say thanks for all your help this far..

what was on the house originally was a very dark acrylic solid stain (i just found an old can today)...

what i got was a very light gray... in fact its TOO light, almost white... not good. so heres the plan, let me know what you guys think...

im stuck with this five gallon bucket of very light gray... i used about a gallon already on the front left side of the house. my plan is to go back there, have them tint the remaining four gallons closer to a final medium gray color. I'll redo all the work i did today with the newly tinted stuff (the remaining four gallons) and proceed to get as much as the house done with that stuff (first coat). the second coat will be a medium gray the "right" color, so to speak... the medium gray is about two shades darker...

so i really have three choices here

1) waste the 6 hours of work i did today, tint whats left and start over, do the whole house with the tinted stuff. then do the second coat with the correct medium gray color...

2) trash the $130 bucket i got...start all over again, waste the 6 hours of todays work, and just buy 10 gallons of medium gray and just do two coats of medium gray on everything...

3) just continue what i did today, NOT tint the four gallons i have left, continue to paint the first coat around the rest of the house, then go over the almost white frist coat, with the final medium gray as the second application....

i really opened up a can of worms on this project. 1100 sq feet of house, one guy and one 6 inch brush..... this bites.. thank god i have off till the 8th, im expecting this to take me upwards of 40 hours....

thanks again guys...

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I would go for option 3.

Its most likely going to take 2 coats, so use what you have for a 'prime' coat, and do second coat in finish color. Hopefully, there isn't too much difference in this and final color, so it will cover in one final coat.
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guys and prowall,
just a quick thanks, the project is coming along, slowly... i got stopped after side one due to three days of rain. there are some parts of the trim that i scraped loose paint off down the wood and now are absolutly soaked, this weather set me back big time but option three worked. thanks again

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