Tips for spraying SW Duration?


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Tips for spraying SW Duration?

I am about finished with the prep on the exterior of my house and plan on spraying on a coat of SW Duration. Can anybody provide any tips or advice on spraying Duration? I prefer to spray it (instead of rolling) to get in all the nooks and crannies of my asbestos shingle siding.

I know it is supposed to go on thick, does it require any special technique for spraying? My sprayer (Graco Magnum XR7) can take a tip up to .17, but I currently have a .15 tip. Should I get the .17 tip due to the thickness of the paint? Any particular way to tell if your applying it thick enough? Any tips for adjusting the sprayer? Any other thoughts?

Hopefully somebody here has experience spraying this product.

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The xr7 is not a very strong machine. Usually sprayers do poorly spraying at their limit with viscous material. I haven't used duration but, I believe it is like thick latex, which your sprayer should be able to handle and not like elastomeric, which it won't handle. Asking SW will clarify what tip and pressure works. I would spray it on and back roll it with asbestos siding to force it into the surface better (use a 1&1/4" nap).
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Thanks for the reply. I did send an email to Sherwin-Williams a couple of weeks ago but never heard back from them. I also talked to the employees at the SW store, but they didn't really seem to have a lot of specific knowledge about Duration.

Hopefully somebody else here has more experience with this paint and can provide some advice.
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The Duration actually applies more like an elastomeric than a standard latex paint. The bare Minumum tip size would be a .15, but in all honesty I wouldn't go with anything less than a .17 (and would feel safer with a .19) with the Duration. Next time you're in the store they should be able to print off a data page with the product & application specs.



click under the architectural paint stains and primers for easy access to the data pages and msds sheets.
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Ive used Graco 515, 517 and 215 tips with Duration and it works fine. The thing with Duration is it dries fast. That is why most like to spray it as opposed to brush. It has more than double the mil thickness of normal latex applied to one coat
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Duration sprays like a dream. Just make sure you finish a whole section before stopping, because flashing can be a problem. As PBTroy says it does dry fast so you have to keep the wet edge. Don't paint in full sun try to follow the shade around your house. I'm not familiar at all with your sprayer but as far as tips go we usually use a 517 on the siding and 315 on the eaves.
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