Wallpaper Glue won't go Away!

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Wallpaper Glue won't go Away!

I have pulled off wallpaper in another section I want to paint & have removed all the wallpaper, but there is a considerable amount of glue left behind (hardened, thick & in some places even cracking, but won't let go!) I have been using hot water & fabric softener & hot water with a little dish detergent & these are bringing off the glue....the problem is that by the time I get all the glue off, I'm into the paper of the drywall. Evidently these walls were not well prepped before papering. Is there any other way to get around all this glue? I have even thought about sanding it off....I'm getting a little frustrated with it.

Also, this is a split foyer 3-story townhouse & the ceilings are 12 ft. in the area around the stairs, therefore I will be using a roller with an extention. I plan (after I get past the priming part) to use a pale cream yellow color in a satin finish. What tool would be best to do the cutting in...I have seen foam tools & "brushes" as well as standard brushes and something that looks like soft bristles. What nap roller would be best for a light color satin paint? Also, my dad says that Dutch Boy paint at Wal-Mart is just as good as others.....do you agree? I don't want to have to repaint next year! Sorry for all the questions...I'm a real novice, but I love getting in there & working at it. Thanks for your help!
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Sanding it down is an option if its very thick. You make the call if you want to A) sand it all smooth, and oil prime it, or B) oil prime it and skim coat the rough areas. Since the wall was not primed, a gooc coat of oil will be needed to seal in the residual adhesive whichever way you decide.

What tool would be best to do the cutting in...
Standard brush (polyester or synthetic blend) and 3/4" nap (good quality, Wooster, or Best-Liebco are top choices). Cut in about 6" at the high spots for ease of rolling, so you don't tap the ceiling with the roller.

Also, my dad says that Dutch Boy paint at Wal-Mart is just as good as others.....do you agree?
No. We had a horrible experience with it about 6 years ago. The white wouldn't even cover itself, took 3 times as much paint as it should have. Late 60's, early 70's, Dutch Boy was decent stuff. I'm not sure what happened to it since then.
You get what you pay for with paint.
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I am a real beginner.....what is a skim coat? I have read about skim coating, floating and to size the walls....unfortunately, I don't know what these mean. I will probably sand the walls & do the oil primer, I know how to do that! Do you know of any oil primers that aren't quite as bad for odor? I only have one small window near the are I plan to paint. Also, would it hurt the drying if I used a fan to circulate the air?

Thanks for you answers to my stupid questions!

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