Kenatex exterior paint problem?

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Kenatex exterior paint problem?

The exterior of my house is wood slat siding and shingles. About 20 years ago the previous owner had the house sprayed with a product that I think was called Kenatex. It is a textured product. It was supposed to have a 25 year warranty but I believe the company has gone out of business. About five years ago it started to peel on the sides of the house facing the sun. The whole exterior, sidng, window casings, trim, soffets, etc is sprayed with this.

What are my options to remedy this problem?

Thanking you in advance for your advice.

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I don't know anything about kenatex but have sprayed some exterior texture coatings on commercial work years ago. I would think your best option would be to repair [duplicate] the missing terxture and then paint everything. All coatings break down after a period of time. I believe that the coating that is still in good shape would be more apt to last longer if it had a fresh coat of paint to protect it.
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Thumbs up Kenitex exterior spray on coating

HI, i am pleased to be able to reply to you on this. It sounds like your exterior wall coating has come to the end of its life and needs to be replaced. Removal is often quote costly and time consuming and must be carried out by a contractor or at least someone with a great deal of DIY and paint skill. To remove it, the best thing to do, i would suggest, would be to either:

1) paint the house (in small sections at a time) with a liquid based paint stripper. Allow to dry, then wash and brush off. Remember to use a face mask and to keep all skin covered, ALWAYS follow the instructions on the can. Then rub down with sandpaper (still wearing gloves), until a smooth finish. Then paint or spray a wood STABLIZER, then 2 coats of a good exterior paint.
2) You could call in another textured coating company, who would be able to remove it, and re apply a longer life coating, and thats probably a better option, although it would not be the cheapest.

It is partly true, that coating will often only fail in sections, usually down to either poor preperation or general neglect with the upkeep of the house. Identify problem, areas, then remove, fill and smooth rough edges, and re apply, or paint over with a BREATHABLE masonry paint.
By the sounds of it though, i would get a contractor in if i were you! (get testimonials from their previous customers before they work for you though!)
Although i'm based here in england, i am happy to give advice to USA home owners also!

!!!!! With ref the message below, i am of course new to this forum, but what does it mean when you say "Last edited by DIYaddict : Today at 01:59 PM. Reason: All questions should remain in the forum for others to benefit others ", what did i do wrong, can you elaborate so i dont do it again???????


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