Debbie Travis's paint


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Debbie Travis's paint

I found just the right color to paint my master bedroom. The room is all ready to go...took the paint chip to Home Depot to try to match the color and they can't do it For some reason, the color I chose (Debbie Travis 'Casual Cream') is impossible for them to color-match.

The paint person at HD told me that Debbie Travis's paints are poor quality. (they are sold through Canadian Tire stores here in Canada)

I'd like an expert's opinion. To be honest, I don't really even know what makes one paint better than another. I just usually buy Behr because I'm familiar with it.

I would be surprised if Debbie Travis would put her name on a poor quality paint, since painting is her big thing...but now I'm confused.

Can anyone give an expert opinion on her paint quality?
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Try going to a paint store instead of a paint department, you might be surprised at the difference.
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so you're saying ALL paint from a 'paint dept' is poor quality?

how about answering the original question?
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What he is saying a real paint store will have the knowledge and expertise to color match your sample. You may get someone knowlegable at a box store but then again it is also possible to win the lottery. Spend a few more $$$ and go to your local Ben Moore or Sherwin Williams store. You will be much happier with your finished room.
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I can't speak from experience with Debbie Travis paint specifically
I can tell you that giant do-it-yourself chains spec their paint differently. No matter what name is licenced for the wrapper

You know on those remodel shows when they have the big "color reveal" by opening the can of paint
Chains marketing to Mr & Mrs DIYer know that the wet in the can color better match the chip or M&M DIYer will freak and return the paint
Does it make a better paint?

Pros know to get the true color you spread some paint and dry it, and do not have any expectations that the wet in the can color will match the chip
This allows the manufacturer to concentrate on making a better product (to paint with)

This is just one example of one particular factor, there are many others

I can also tell you I have found that the name licenced for the paint does not seem to make it better
I haven't tried DT, but I have tried others
In each instance the licensing of the name must have cost enough to cause the product to suffer
Some weren't bad, and some were terrible
None were good or great

So, without having tried the DT paint, which may very well be fine, I can say the best answer is:

I'd recommend going to your local Paint Shop
You will usually find the best products, and information there
Real paint, real information
Can't beat that
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Helen in BC,
Personally, I have gone the Home Depot, Can Tire, Walmart route and have decided that I will stick with the paint stores like General Paint. I think you also have Mills Paint in lower mainland.
I'm no pro but I have painted miles of my own walls in rental places. Every pro painter I have talked to here in Regina go the "Paint Stores", which generally charge them more per gallon than the box stores. Pros don't spend more money unless it makes or saves them money. You also get expert advice. I find I know more than the folks at Home Depot but I always learn something from the GP staff.
I have had some bad luck with Behr in particular. I've had lots of good experience with Box Store paint but its such a pain when you have a problem, which I seldom have with General Paint (they also match colours). I still buy Kilz, some accessories etc from Home Depot because they are cheaper there. Nice thing about HD is they are open late and Sundays and I need to make a special trip to General Paint, but I've finally decided its worth it.
Just another Canuck's opinion.

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