Painting flocked wallpaper???

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Painting flocked wallpaper???

Love the new house -- hate the pink & grey flocked (stripes) wall paper in the dining and bathrooms. After picking at a loose corner discovered the paper was hung directly on the wallboard. Can I treat the papered walls and paint over the paper? From previous experience I know that removing paper applied to wallboard trashes the surface; don't make me go there again!
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Wallpaper can be painted over. The 2 biggest drawbacks are

#1 the moisture from the paint may cause the paper to lift it spots [sometimes it will lay back down when dry]

#2 it will make the paper even harder to remove at a later date.

hope you enjoy your new home
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use some vinyl adhesive to put the peeling parts back down firmly to the wall[tubes in the depot].Check the ceiling line and by the baseboard too. If they are not down tight you can score[sharp blade] about 1" above and below the BB and ceiling line and remove just the strip of vinyl.Prime with Bin to seal the exposed edge then fill with some spackle [be neat and just enough to hide the exposed edge of the wallpaper. sand and prime with the Coverstain.

Do not use too much adhesive. Wait till dry and spray the seams with Bin in the can[Depot]. When dry 15 mins fill the seam with some premixed vinyl wall compound or regular stuff[the vinyl stuff shrinks less---Depot again]roll all the walls with Coverstain from Zinsser[Dep---UHH you know where]. Paint with your choice of paint. Make sure all the seams are fully covered with the Bin and the Coverstain. It is what insulates the surface from the water based paint,and prevents the lifting

You may want to make sure there are no bubbles in the wall paper already. Depending on the pattern they can be hard to see until you paint. Score them with a drywall knife and fill with the same adhesive. You can make an x or just a single line [my choice]. When dry prime these spots with the BIN and the CS too.

This sounds like more work than it is. You may be lucky and just have the seams to deal with.
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Hey, guys. Our poster has FLOCKED wallpaper. Painting regular paper is bad enough, but flocked?

Don't know what the coverstain will do to the flocking. Test it in a small, out of the way area first.

Even if the primer doesn't eat at the flocking and make a mess, you will still se the design. since its stripes, that may be ok. But you may end up doing a skim coat anyway. If thats the case, you're better off removing it in the first place.
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Yea now that you mention it it ain't such a hot idea. especially if the paper is not all tight on the wall. If it is though I would still give it a shot. It could turn out to be the latest look.
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It is best to remove the wallpaper
Of course it's almost impossible to get the paper off bare Sheetrock w/o a lot of patching later
I have used a "wallpaper" that was designed to go over textures like that and be painted successfully (same situation, flocked on un-primed wall)
It worked well, but I should say it was a project...or rather two
Basically I wallpapered the room, then painted it
I purchased the wall covering from the local Paint Shop
Sorry, I don't remember what it was called, it was a while ago
Maybe they have some better coverings for that application today

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