family room ceiling flaws showing after painted


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family room ceiling flaws showing after painted

A couple of months ago, I taped and mudded the cracks from my family room ceiling and painted it with the same semi-gloss paint I used for the walls. While walls look fine (fewer cracks), I can see clearly all the uneven spots from the ceiling which I obviously did not have the proper skills to mud and sand smooth.

What can I do with the ceiling now? Should I:

1. Re-mud, sand, paint
2. just paint over the ceiling with Behr ceiling paint that I can get from HomeDepot

Any suggestions?
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Lightly sand the whole ceiling and go over the bad spots with joint compound again
It'll be easy to see where you need it now that there's paint up

Get a good quality Ceiling Paint from your local Paint Shop
It should also be Flat, not semi
(Semi shows more imperfections)
They will probably have some designed more for hiding imperfections

You can either spot prime the patches, or if they are very small, double coat them with Ceiling Paint

That should do it
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I agree
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"I obviously did not have the proper skills to mud and sand smooth".

Does that mean you did not sand enough. Please be a little more specific about the imperfections. Include how much repairing you did. like lineal feet. If it is not too much it changes things.What kind of tape did you use? I would also like to know if you can see the tape or is it a raised hump the length of the tape,and how wide did you extend the mud from the tape. I would normally make it at least 2 feet wide to make it dissappear. Why do I think you did not make it wide enough?

If they are high spots from not sanding enough you will either need to sand or scrape them down or,if they are not too high just feather them out,not go over them with more mud.You would only add more mud if you can see the tape and nobody knows that to be the case. At any rate you will need to add mud on the sides of the places you taped and feather it down to nothing.

You may want to include what you plan on doing for paint for the ceiling. White, tinted to match the walls. Zinsser makes a paint that is white and tintable that you do not need to sand the ceiling. The lowest sheen is eggshell though. They do have primers that eliminate sanding and they can be tinted. They cannot be used as a finsh coat

How did you get cracks in the ceiling anyway. Is it plaster?
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Hi, thanks for the suggestions. To answer Joneq's specific questions: I got cracks in the ceiling from an earthquake (life in California) a number of years ago. Basically, all drywall perimeters showed thru out this particular living room, which was an add-on. I believe the original installer did not use tapes to join the drywalls, or maybe the tapes all broke very evenly.

So, this year I decided to take care of those minor cracks. I used sticky plastic tapes so they are a little thicker than the paper tapes because I want them to stay and do not crack again. But, in doing so, I needed to mud more and feather out more, I guess.

I managed to not show any lumps, but I can not get every inch of mud showing very smoothly like a drywall surface. A small amount of imperfections show here and there. When lights are turned on, they simply do not look very perfessionally done.

I can see, even though I remud and sand them, some small imperfections will continue to show due to my lack of skills of working with mud. So, I think I need to hide them. I will go to SW store for a flat ceiling paint as suggested this time.
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Thanks for clearing that up. If you don't have the bumps you can do as slickshift suggested and paint with regular or special ceiling paint.Personally I would opt for a textured paint now that I know what you have.I do not think any paint will solve your problem
It will however look somewhat better in the flat ceiling paint. This is just my opinion and I cannot see the ceiling. Maybe post some pics. That would be the wise thing to do before you waste your time.

If you go with regular ceiling paint I would do a coat on the affected areas then 1 or 2 coats on the whole ceiling It doesn't make too much sense to go crazy making it beauiful in California where it may all come down tomorrow.

You could also use the bullseye 123 on the repairs then a coat on the whole ceiling then a coat of paint.I like that better my self since it eliminates sanding the ceiling.Bullseye 123 sticks to the semi gloos paint you have.

Anyway you do it get a 3/4 nap roller cover and don't skimp on the paint. Nice wet coats,and don't wait till the roller is dry to refill it.

Watch out for splatter coming off the roller[go slow]when you are near the walls or else you will be painting them too. Have a wet rag ready to wipe off any that gets on the walls.
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