Yellow bleeding through white paint on wood

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Yellow bleeding through white paint on wood

I am painting the wood trim in my recently remodeled kitchen with white latex gloss enamel. Some of the wood is new and some is 15 - 40 years old. I am having a problem where the paint is either turning yellow or there is yellow something bleeding through. It is there when the paint dries. It happens mostly on the old wood, but some of the new wood has it also. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong / can do to make it right? Thanks for any and all help.
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Should have used a good stain blocking primer.
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You did not mention primer in your post so I am assuming you are not priming the wood.If that is the case you need to apply a coat of oil based stain blocking primer such as one of the Zinsser products or oil based Kilz.Zinsser is the better product here and oil based is a better stain blocker than latex based primers.Also other brands and paint lines,almost any major line,have similar products which would all be effective.Oil based stain blockers are superior products although they are more expensive and a bit harder to work with.Any top coat then can be applied.Make sure the surfaces are clean and grease etc free if that is still possible.Make sure the primer you buy specifically is a stain blocker.Consult qualified help at a hardware,paint or home improvement store to select the best product and get good advice.Avoid big box stores as they usually have no qualified help to assist you.
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Originally Posted by PaulaHart
Any ideas on what I am doing wrong / can do to make it right?
I agree with the others
It sounds like a primer issue
Use quality products from a paint shop
Better quality materials, tools, and advice to help your project go smoother

You need a quality stain blocking primer
Oil-based is better than latex
Shellac-based is best (possibly over-kill for your project)

A paint shop can set you up

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