First Post: Painted Tile in Shower???

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First Post: Painted Tile in Shower???

My wife and I just bought our first house. One of the 9 million things on my list is to address on of the bathrooms in which the tile in the shower stall has been painted white. I have reason to believe that the tile underneath is an unattractive brown and that is why they painted it. I hate the painted tile texture and look. It just looks very dull and from about 6 inches away you can see brush strokes. Short of replacing the tile are there any other alternatives. A better paint that is specifically for such a project that might have a glossy/tile looking finish? A faux finish that might be cool? Any ideas?
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Hi anjatroop
Welcome to the forums
Although technically there are paints that "can" go over tile, they tend not to last to long
If you can get a good one, they tend to still really be somewhat temporary at best
If the tiles are all vertical (wall) you'll have better luck with painting them, if they are horizontal (floor) it's unlikely it will last long (more wear on the floor than walls)

I'm wondering if they took the proper steps to insure bonding with the tile-I fear that it's a possibility they didn't
But I guess we won't really know

The reason it is painted now is most likely it is un-attractive, and the sellers did not care about durability, as they were merely making it look good for sale
It is possible they didn't bother with the proper prep also

Without knowing that, or being able to see it, it's hard to say the best course of action

How many sq. ft. of tile are we talking about?
Is it on the floor or counters or other high wear area?
Or just walls?
Or it sounds like it might be just in the shower stall?

(lol on the 9 million item new house list, I'm only on item # 3 million and two-and it's been a few months now
One of them is the floor tile in the bathroom-blech
But we're saving up for a re-tile)

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