Painting Newbie Questions, Please

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Painting Newbie Questions, Please


A few general paint type questions, please:

a. is there any practical way to determine if the existing paint on an interior wall is latex or oil based ?

b. Is latex and oil still the primary two types for interior usage ?

c. Do I have this right: Latex can go over Oil, but not vice versa ? (If so, any way around this ?)

d. For a batroom wall that see a lot of moisture from the shower:

What would be the "best" type and brand of paint to re-paint the wall with, as they are peeling a little ?

Would the recommended paint go over the existing oil OR latex ?

If not, is there some kind of primer or intermediate paint that can be applied to eliminate this "latex over oil, but not vice-versa" type of problem ?

Much thanks,
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a.The first of the "stickys" in this section is about this question.Rub it with a denatured alcohol soaked cloth.High gloss is probably oil.Older homes would more likely have oil.No guarantees though as the peeling reference suggests latex over oil.

b.basically yes.

c.primer is the answer here.Although there are possibilities for one over the other #1 is to read the paint label #2 is to ask qualified help where you buy the paint and avoid big box stores and #3 is that primer will eliminate the issue in almost any situation.when in

d.First you'll need to do the proper prep work such as scraping cleaning and sanding.Then again I'd prime with a good quality primer.Although latex or oil will work generally oil primers are better at what they do though more involved to work with.Once that's completed either oil or latex can go over it.Latex semi gloss is by far the most common choice.

Your situation is unique to you.This forum is a good place to get general advice and information however qualified help and a relationship with a paint or hardware store is the best source of information as this will allow for a tailored solution to meet your individual needs.Big box stores are fine for those who know what they need and how to use it and have the knowledge to pick out quality from quanitity.
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I would add

b - oil base is hardly ever used on walls anymore. It is mostly found on woodwork although a lot of that is latex enamel.

c - latex can be applied over well weathered oil base [exterior] Oil base can be applied over latex [interior] While latex will adhere to oil base primers, it doesn't adhere well over oil enamel.
If you have oil enamel either continue to use oil or sand and prime with a solvent based primer before switching to latex.

d -depending how the walls look after sanding you may need a little spackling or joint compound work. using oil base primer will eliminate any problems if the walls were painted with oil. There are some paints that are specifically formulated for bath rm use but any good latex enamel will work. It is always advisable to have adequate ventilation for moisture from the shower.

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