Alligatoring Paint

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Alligatoring Paint

The process was this:
(walls are plaster)
1. Remove wall paper w/steamer
2. Sanded walls to remove flaking and bubbling paint that was below wallpaper
3. Applied a coat of Gardz
4. Skimcoated
5. Sanded
6. Applied 2nd coat of gardz
7. Applied 2 coats of top quality flat latex paint.

After 2 weeks I'm noticing alligatoring in many areas...

What mistake did I make? What did I miss?

Should I have used a primer instead of gardz after the skimcoat?

It was hot and humid when I was painting. I allowed 24 hrs between coats of paint...
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I'm not sure what caused your alligatoring. Usually with new paint it is caused by the coating drying too fast - dries fast on the surface but slower beneath.

Latex primer should be plenty good for the 2nd primer application but if everything under it was throughly dry it shouldn't have caused a problem.

As long as everything is bonded well all you need to do to fix it, is skim coat over the cracked paint, sand and prime [with latex] when dry and then apply your finish paint.
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What a drag, this interests me as well because I've been using guardz on every surface I've done. So far I havn't had a problem, I have a couple of walls over 2 months old and so far look fine.

My method differs from yours in that I use some kind of alklyd primer over the gaurdz, because when I first was using it I thought of it as a binder only, not a primer. I've used zinsser cover stain and BM super spec primer sealer.

I wonder if the steamer caused moisture to build up in the drywall?

I am very very slow so my patches and skimcoating are throughly dry before any painting. My primer is dry over 24 hours before I paint, the cover stain stuff drys very fast but the fumes are terrible. The BM stuff takes longer to dry.

However I've been putting a second coat of paint on usually the same day, usually in the time it says on the can, about 4 hours. My painting skills are such that it just looks better with a second coat, and I purchased plenty of paint so I may as well.

I hope it doens't have anything to do with the gaurdz, I've put that on some of my walls without coating it for over a week and haven't seen a change in my case.
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Gardz locks down residual adhesive, but not large amounts/areas of adhesive. My first bet would be you didn't remove enough of the adhesive.
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Or, worse, the wallpaper may have been removed before and primed w/ paste underneath which would explain the flaking you were describing. Regardless of what you did, in that cast, the paint would probably fail as the substrate was already faulty. I've always used an oil based primer over guardz out of pure caution. The oil based primer doesn't reactivate the glue like a latex. Hope you can resolve this.

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