painting wooden it heresy??

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painting wooden it heresy??

hi all, i suppose this is as much an opinion question as anything, but i'd like to hear how the pros feel on the subject.

our house has entirely non-painted wood trim throughout. all of it matches, from basement to second floor, and while the trim is nothing fancy, the quality of the craftsmanship is quite good (things properly FIT without using putty to hide mistakes!)

i'm normally not a fan of trim that has been painted over (it usually looks thick and brush-strokey and ugly), but *this much* wood is starting to drive me nuts!! i've just done over the master bedroom in blue, white, and silk, and the dark wood trim looks especially out of place in there.

i've read all about painting molding properly, and i'm sure i could do a nice job, but the question is should i? i know there are few houses i've seen with original wood moldings in place, so is a better idea to leave it as it is? we will be selling in a few years, so it's not 100% a matter of personal preference...
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don't do anything if you intend to sell the house. The painting color might not be the like of the new owner, let him do it his way.
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Personally I prefer stained/natural woodwork but not everyone does. Since you are the one that has to live and look at it daily you should take that into consideration. If you do paint it, be sure to follow all the proper steps to insure a professional looking job.

It is hard to predict the tastes of prospective buyers, some will love the stained woodwork and hate to see it painted while others will prefer the clean light look of painted trim. If the wall color isn't visually appealing with the stained trim you should either repaint the walls a better color or paint the trim to complement the walls prior to selling.

BTW welcome to the forums
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Sure, you can paint it
If the stain looks bad in your eyes, paint it
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DON'T PAINT IT!!! try white wash, or different stain colors to go with your aesthetic, but just don't paint it, especially if you're not going to be there forever...
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I see a lot of questions about painting wood or worse (IMO), painting wood and then distressing it to make it look old. I hate seeing that, but I never comment because it's not my house and therefore not my decision. However, do that and then ask me if I want to buy your house, I'm going to say no.

Bottom line, it's your house and painting it is something you're allowed to do if you want. There can be consequences to your actions, so taking resale affect into account is prudent (again, IMO).
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i think it depends on the actual woodwork.

some friends bought a 70's ranch style house with puny little trimwork - really simple (ie boring) baseboards & door trim with plain flat doors, but no crown moulding or window moulding or doorway casings. it had been dark & dated. they painted it white. it didn't help. in fact, i think it accentuated an already bad thing. it just didn't look right.

however, our current house has trimwork that was painted off-white by the previous owners & it looks fabulous. it's bulkier, it's pretty & detailed, and there are nice crown mouldings around (which were added, i think) & wainscot paneling. they also painted the kitchen cabinets & all vanities & all the doors are raised panels, divided light wood windows, wide window casings, stair bannister & rail, fireplace mantel, etc. in other words, there's a LOT of woodwork & it's pretty woodwork, so it looks really classy & This Old House-y. plus we have wood floors, so the white trim sets off the wood floors nicely.

therefore, i'd take your cues from YOUR woodwork style (& house style). if it's really plain & simple, the wood grain & color of it might be the only thing it's got going for it! but if it's just "dark & dated" looking, painting it, along with some other home improvement projects, might freshen it up & help it sell better. the more "move-in ready" & neutral your home is, the better it'll sell.

just know that once you start, you shouldn't stop. do it all, or nothing or it looks wierd, imo. you'll get into all sorts of problems like where to start & stop painting, which sides of doors to paint, etc.

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