stupid question...(Waterborne enamel)

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stupid question...(Waterborne enamel) "waterborne enamel" just another way of saying "latex enamel". I'm pretty sure its is, but want to be sure. thanks for not making me look stoopid.
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Waterborne enamel [or any waterborne coating] is different from latex. I'm not smart enough to give you the technical reason they differ

Waterborne enamels [specifically SWP proclassic] dries harder than typical latex enamels, has many of the same properties oil base has but brushes, rollers, spray, all clean up with water.
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I've been told it was a marketing term more than technical
I'm not sure if that's true

Regardless, I can tell you it denotes a much superior product designed to work like an oil, as opposed to latex enamel which describes a cheaper paint more like a "wall paint" as opposed to a "trim paint"
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Its been a while, but there ARE some technical differences between the two.
Latex Enamal has more plasticizers in them. This gives them the advantage of being flexible. However this comes at a cost of "stickiness". Ever have a window that sticks because of the paint. Its the plasticizers.

Waterborne enamels have less of them and more "rigidity" (is that a word?). They are much harder and less prone to stick to each other after curing. Not drying, curing.

This makes them ideal for woodshops. Less VOC problems, and they perform like solvent based products.

Also, dont be fooled by the marketing of "Contains 100% acrylic". All that means in marketing speak is that the acrylic in the paint (Can be quite low, maybe 5% of volume or so.) is 100% acrylic. Get it, there is only 5% in the can, but 100% of that 5% is acrylic.

Cheap paints use tricky language to sound expensive.

Anyway hope that helps!
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enamel no long means anything. it is a marking term placed on many different products regardless of type or quality.

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