Best paint for rusty metal garage door?

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Best paint for rusty metal garage door?

I need to paint garage doors that are exposed to severe weather. They get directly hit by the hot sun, then shade, also salty air and high humidity. They are gloss black with minor rust spots.

I plan on doing light sanding, but probably wont be able to remove all the rust in the corners.

I was considering using Hammertite rust cap paint as it requires no priming and paints over rust. does anyone have any experience with this product, or is there something better?

Thank you very much for your help, Wayne.
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Do your best to sand away the rust. Then brush off/dust off debris. Spot prime with Rustoleum/ or similar bare metal primer.

Before starting, I forgot to mention, wash the door with simple green (water base, easy to clean with, and enviromentaly friendly)

Then I would topcoat with a high quality latex eterior paint. Good color retention, and long lasting.

Good luck.
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I think I would hit the rust spots with a rust conversion product first. That will kill the rust rather than just covering it.
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If you're going to prime rusty metal use rusty metal primer not one for bare metal.

Rust conversion products are usually best on areas of rust beyond the "minor" stage.This of course depends on your definition of minor.

If it's just surface rust a product such as naval jelly will remove it and wash off with water.

Even if the surface looks clean if it has been rusty you must prime as you cannot remove every microscopic element of the rust and without priming it will return.
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While the top coat can be latex, the primer should be oil based. Latex paint by itself isn't very good at stopping rust.
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Rust Convertors...

Yea, and I have some lead that I paint with this "gold converter" and it works too.

Best bet is to do sanding, priming (oil base is best), and latex topcoat. It is NOT necessary to remove all rust unless you need a white, or near white sandblast. Typically that type of prep is reserved for the interior of Water Towers before coating.

If you go to SW just use the "All Surface Enamel" primer. Or if you need a bunch get the KemKromic Universal Primer. Then topcoat w/latex.

BTW there are some latex products designed for holding back rust.

good luck.

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