ugly tub (Bathtub peeling paint)

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Question ugly tub (Bathtub peeling paint)

help my tub is starting to peel. The previous owners painted the tub (almond over white) and surrounding tile walls (almond over peach and blk). Its begining to look very bad. I was thinking of re-tiling the surrounds but not sure what to do about the tub, I thought about re-painting it, but with what and will it last,should I try reglazing or should I just chuck the whole thing and have a liner put over it all. Of course cost is alway as concern, but I'm really tried of using my shower curtain as a concealer. Please help me!!!
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There are paints and coatings for just about every surface. Coatings for tubs tend not to be a long-term durable option. Surface prep is key. Surfaces are cleaned, scarified (sanded), primed and painted/coated. Removal of peeling paint may reveal sanded surface and permanent discoloration. There are companies who specialize in coating tubs, but these come with limited warranties. Thermal shock, hard water minerals, improper cleaning products all contribute to coating failure. There are also companies that specialize in lining tubs and showers with acrylic. This, of course, would be more expensive but offer better durability and a more permanent solution if removing and replacing tub is not an option.
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I do not know of, nor have heard of, any tub paint that's a good DIY fix that lasts
I do know there are some pros that have a process that works
It is apparently some sort of epoxy, and requires diligent prep
Either the prep or application is apparently beyond the scope of most DIYers

Sorry this is sort of second hand information, as I do not offer the service myself
But one of the reasons I don't is it's pretty specialized, and I've come to the conclusion I'm better off "subbing" this type of project out to the specialists if need be
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The only diy option is replacing the tub. The other options are best left to those with experience. Like SS, I wouldn't attempt any type of coating on a tub myself.

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