Repainting door knobs and other hardware...


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Repainting door knobs and other hardware...

Hi, we have a bunch of gold door knobs and other hardware. We hate the colour and wish that we could have a steel or aluminum look . I am wondering if it is possible to strip the paint or even repaint the door knobs without it looking crappy? Has anyone else ever done this?

THanks in advance...
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Hi there! They have some really great spray paints available, for practically every material and to give any look. That's what I would use and I use them for lots of things. Only thing it would probably be best to take them apart and spray outdoors using a few coats and spraying lightly between coats. If it's not possible to take them out, then open the windows and cover everything really well because spray paints tend to mist all over the place and the fumes aren't too great, either.
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It probably depends on the look you want. My first apartment was in a old Victorian with several new doorknobs that really clashed with the overall look of the place. I used an antique gold brush-on paint and it gave them an aged brass look: by brushing on the paint rather than using spray paint it gave a patina, plus I didn't have to remove the hardware . I imagine if you used a silver or aluminum type paint you could get the same effect, kind of a brushed aluminum look. Good luck!
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I've never been able to, or heard of a way to, successfully paint door knobs
They simply don't lend themselves well to coatings, and are handled way to much for inexpensive coatings to hold up
The only procedures I found that might work, cost more than replacement hardware
Which would be worth it for antique, one-of-a-kind, or hardware with an emotional attachment to them
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After trying many different options and different types of paint we decided to replace all hardware in the house. It is expensive but no longer worth the while. Every way that we tried looked silly and hand painted.

Thanks to everyone who helped out!
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Sorry, but I don't agree with those that say you CAN'T paint door knobs. I have sprayed knobs with spray cans dozens of times, and have had very professional results. Like so many projects, PREPARING THE SURFACE IS KEY. I just took over 30 knobs from both kitchen pulls to bedroom handles and painted with, RUST-OLEUM, PAINTER'S CHOICE spray cans and they look FACTOR FRESH. I CLEAR coated after they had dried a few days.

Think about this for a second, ALL FACTOR KNOBS COME SPRAYED WITH A CLEAR COATED, so why can't it be duplicated? It can and is being done, some just don't want to take the time so they REPLACE. It's your call.


P.S. The new clear coats are very durable, and will go along way in protecting the paint.
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Good point, Smith Brother, many restore old brass hardware by removing lacquer coating, polishing, and relacquering. Others clean and spray paint. Taking the time to add the protective clear coat is an important step. They spray paint hardware all the time on HGTV, but they do not spray the clear coat. Of course, many of the TV DIY shows are designed to sell rather than to survive.
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I think the problem for us was that we were looking to get a stainless steel look for our hardware and no paint seemed to do it for us. I am sure that there must have been a way to strip the paint off to get the proper look, but I just found that no one could tell us how to properly do it. So, we wasted a lot of time and money with diferrent solutions and nothing worked. In the end we decided to buy new stainless steel hardware. Everything is looking fine now except for my wallet

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