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Question bathroom paint

are there any paints out there that i could use for painting inside a shower/tub. The tile only goes halfway up the wall and the paint that was there is pealing from the moisture.. any suggestions?
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you could use a dual-component epoxy. some are designed for that type of application. be sure to follow ALL of the prep work because there will be alot.
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Zinsser makes a specific bathroom paint which has enhanced moisture and mildew resisting properties.As with all Zinsser products,it's good,however in most cases any better quality interior semi gloss paint will handle the environment of a bathroom unless it is in the direct path of a shower or some other unusual circumstances.

The real issue I think you're dealing with is common in bathrooms which is how the previous surface was prepared before the paint that is now peeling was applied,whether a latex was applied over oil and the likely absense of primer,as well as the quality of the paint that was applied.

At this point you will need to scrape off as much of the peeling paint as possible,scuff sand any remaining gloss and clean the surface well.Then if you know what the underlying paint is it's possible to skip priming but at this point I wouldn't chance it and apply a good oil based interior primer.A second option would be the Zinsser bathroom paint which I believe may be self priming.If you prime then coat with at least two coats of a better quality interior semi gloss latex.Go for the higher grade paint in a well known national brand like Sherwin Williams,Ben Moore,Pratt & Lambert etc.

Go to a hardware or paint store where there is qualified help to assist you.Big box stores generally carry lower end paints and have little or no qualified personel to help you pick out the best products and supplies for your project.Use better quality tools for a better quality job.
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For walls in a high moisture area like this, I'd go with the Zinsser's Perma-White
It is self priming, but the surface will still have to be scraped and sanded clean
Any loose or questionable paint scraped off, and the surface scuff sanded to give the paint some "tooth" to cling to
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Tile in tub/shower goes only half way up the wall? Peeling paint on tile or wall above? If tile goes up only half way, it would probably be easier to install a shower surround.
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If the tile only goes part way up the wall and the tub is used as a shower, it would be best to add more tile or a prefab tub surround. Utilizing the right paint and prep will help but paint really isn't designed to take the place of tile.
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Might try "auqa tile"...........comes in 4x8 sheets @ 12.00 a sheet. Just put some up for back-splash for stove area on fridge/stove recess project. Jut a thought............Good Luck!
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Is it really only half way up the wall, or more like 2/3 or 3/4? In my experience its rare for tile to go al the way to the ceiling. There's usually a 2 foot painted area between the tile and the ceiling. The tile goes up far enough so water isn't splashed on the painted surface.

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