Striping Disaster

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Striping Disaster

We are in the middle of a painting nightmare that began over a month ago in our little girl's room. Started w/a decorator painting stripes in 3 colors. Looked awful and decided to go back to original. Sanded and started to prime, but couldn't get rid of the lines due to the variance in number of coats from stripe to stripe. Next, hired a sheetrocker to mud and sand. Then we primed. Still saw some lines, so we mudded and sanded some more. After priming we decided to paint even though you could still see some of the lines. They just wouldn't go away even after mudding and sanding. Well, now the paint started bubbling. The good news is that the bubbles divert your eyes from the stripes! Can anyone help tell us how to return these walls to normal!?!?!?
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Originally Posted by GoArmy90
Can anyone help tell us how to return these walls to normal!?!?!?
I'd forget normal and shoot for more bubbles
Sounds like that's working

...but seriously folks
It's hard to say why it's doing that from here, w/o seeing it, w/o knowing how well the mud job was, what type of primer, how the second mud job was....

FWIW, the first mud job should have worked
I don't know why that didn't work
It is a different technique I guess, trying to cover up murals and what-not

The procedures you are describing are the correct ones
There's none better, short of re-rocking or faux plastering or something
It would then to be a matter of making sure they are done correctly

For example, I'm not sure how the lines showed through a few coats of mud, unless it was not on thick enough, or was over-sanded
Perhaps the primer gave the illusion that they were more prominent then they were, or didn't seal well, or the paint wasn't good at covering...

At this point, the bubbles will have to be scraped and sanded also
Then I'd sand the whole thing (but not crazy sand, especially over the stripes) clean (dry-type swiffer on a stick works great) and prime with a top quality primer (Zinsser's 1-2-3, Ben Moore's Fresh Start, or Sherwin William's Prep Rite)

Skim coat where needed, leaving build up and out to sand down
Sand to smooth, w/o over-sanding the problem areas
Clean again (don't trust just a vac or wet rag...those swiffers work great)
Prime again with a top quality primer

Paint two coats premium paint (cheapos won't cut it)
Ben Moore Regal, Pittsburgh Manor Hall, or Sherwin Williams premium
It should work

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