Interior Paint "sag/drip" where Cut

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Interior Paint "sag/drip" where Cut

I'm using flat Behr paint - failry dark taupygreen as I call it. So I cut around the baseboards, corners, windows and ceiling on day 1. Day 2 I roll the walls. The problem I have is the paint appears to "sag" (sort of like a minor drip) where I have already put on one coat with cutting. Mostly the problem is horizontal about an inch or so from the ceiling and an inch or so up from the baseboard. Just seems like cutting caused the wall to be smooth or slippery and then when I roll over that area the paint sags - I call it sagging because it does not really drip. About 30 mins after I paint an area I go back over it with the roller (after painting a different section so there is not too much paint in the roller) and it help to work out the sags. The problem is I can notice a sheen difference sometimes because I re-rolled some sections along the ceiling and floor.

Does this have a technical name?

I will try BM paint next time. I have been happy with Behr but not this time. I was at a point last night where I was putting on a very thin coat to try to prevent the sagging. I was hopeful to be one coat and done.

I will admit I bought a large pack of roller so they are not high quality but I really do not think this causes my problem... but maybe it does put down too much paint.

One more thing - for a normal wall, flat paint what size nap on a roller does everyone prefer?
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It is probably several different problems. IMO behr paints don't work well and it may be possible that the wall isn't sealed well and the slower drying time coupled with a thinner bodied paint all contribute to the paint sagging. Sag is the most common term for it although some call it a curtain.

It is seldom a good idea to cut in one day and roll the next, especially with darker colors. You should cut in and roll one wall at a time.

3/8" and 1/2" roller naps usually work best for walls.

Quality roller covers and brushes work better/easier than their cheaper counterpart.
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Dark colors are difficult for a diyer. That aggravates the sheen difference you're seeing. With a dark color you really do need to cut and roll one wall at a time. With dark colors its a good idea to only cut in a few feet then roll. Better yet - get someone to help.
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"Sag" is the technical term.

I prefer BM over Behr, however the sagging problem you are having happens with many dark colors - even BM.

You were correct to brush on a thinner coat - that's how you solve the sagging problem.

As stated before, 1/2 or 3/8th nap for walls - you should probably stick with 3/8th, especially with the dark color on smooth walls.

The only other thing I will add is that you should avoid rolling into a partialy dried or "tacked" cut(this happens more with the slower drying dark colors) - you can end up with a messy blob(my technical name for it ).

Good Luck!

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