Penetrol, Floetrol, and yellowing?

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Penetrol, Floetrol, and yellowing?

As a by-product of one question on a previous posting, I would like to know whether using penetrol + oil-based paint (for trim) might *worsen* the usual eventual yellowing of oil-based paint. I am planning to paint my trim ultra-white. I have the same doubt with floetrol – whether floetrol + latex paint (for walls) might lead to yellowing, as I am planning to use ultra-white latex paint (perhaps eggshell) for a few walls. My initial guess is that neither of these two product in paint lead to yellowing but I just want to make sure. Would Xim x-tender and xim latex x-tender be a better pair of products? Thanks.
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Penetorl will have no effect (or a worsening affect) on yellowing, as ALL oil based paints yellow with age. Some yellow faster, but in the end they will all yellow.

Floetrol is a different story. It is sort of the "old-guard" of latex reducers. It was on of the first products designed to increase the dry time, and the 'wetting' properties of latex coatings. However, its formulation has not really been updated for the demands of the "new" latex formulations of today. It WILL yellow, and also VOIDS the warrenty of the product you are using. So if you use Floetrol, and you experience product failure, you are on your own.

XIM-Latex extender DOES NOT yellow. It is the "new-guard" in latex reducers/dry time extender. Unlike Floetrol, it was designed hand-in-hand with major paint MFG's. SW had a hand in helping develop the product with XIM. So much so, that it is a RECOMMENDED reducer for products such as SW ProClassic Waterborne. As a side benefit, the product DOES NOT void the MFG warrenty on the coating. If a failure results in the coating, use of the XIM product does not exclude you from warrenty protection.

Hope that helps.

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