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My husband decided we needed "bright" colors in our house. We have dark wood all through all our house so he wanted something to help brighten it up. So he picked 2 colors, yellow and green. My house (dining room, hallway, foyer) look like a sprite can. I now have bright yellow and lime green in my house. How can we fix this?? Is the easiest way just to prime and repaint a different color?
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Shouldn't have to prime, just paint. Go to a paint store (not a paint department in a bigger store) and they should be able to help steer you toward colors that will be more agreeable.

If this was my house: I'd have stripped the wood and stained a lighter color. I hate seeing good wood painted. Just my opinion.
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If by "fix" you mean change the color. then re-painting is the easiest (..pretty much only) way
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Yellow and green are NOT very complimentary. Yellow tends to have a bit of "green" to it anyways, and then to add green to the mix, only makes them kinda jumble together.

Reds and yellows suffer the same problem. The red hues tend to cause the yellows to "green" up a bit. Best to use yellows and tans.

Why didn't you do a test patch? Would have saved you bunch of work!
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when it comes to wall color, a little goes a long way. as you've found out. you went for "bright" when you really probably just wanted "light". yellow & green are related colors because they're next to each other on the color wheel, so they are good to use together. if you think you want to stick with yellow & green, just dull them down. not just lighter versions of what you've got, but less intense too. for example, instead of pure lime green, you'll be very happy with a sage or olive green. it's a grayer version of green. and instead of blindingly sunny lemon yellow, go for a more earthy version like gold or chamoise or honey wheat. no matter what color you choose, plan on it looking brighter (more intense) and darker on your walls than what it looks like on the teeny tiny little sample chip, so actually purchase the shade 1 or 2 steps lighter than the chip you like. also, buy a big piece of poster board & paint your color on there & tack it up on each wall before you commit next time. be sure to look at the board in the morning, at noon and at night with your lights on. colors change all day long.

also, if you don't already, you'll need to tie these colors together in a meaningful way to create a real color scheme. patterned fabric with both the yellow & green colors will do the trick. what i would suggest: find such an item FIRST and then PULL the yellow & green paint colors from this item, be it a drapery fabric or throw pillow or painting, etc. the person who designed the item has already done the work for you, of choosing the shades of yellow & green that work together.

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