Painting Help Please


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Painting Help Please

We hired painters to paint two rooms for us. The livingroom has popcorn ceilings .
You can see that they didn't use enough paint to cover ceilings or walls in livingroom and when we told them, they said it would cost us more to put on another coat of paint.

Is this normal ?

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The job isn't satisfactory. Don't pay until you're happy with the results.
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Question Help Paint Problems

Hired painters to paint two rooms in our house. We were quoted a price for a complete job.
After the paint dried it was obvious there wasn't enough paint put on.
When confronting painters they said too bad the price only includes two coats and the price goes up to get it covered properly.

What are the standards when hiring painters? Is this how it's done ?

Thaks for your help,
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Is it normal?

It depends on what your contract says

...and also on whether you mean it covered, but needs another coat...or that you can actually see patches of the old finish with no new paint on them

One Coat Paint Jobs:
Personally, or professionally, I don't use or recommend one coat
I nearly always, with few exceptions, state (clearly in the contract) that two coats will be used
Even when customer wants only one coat...I know I've lost jobs because of it (my insisting on using two coats and the customer only wanting to pay for one)

It's not normal for me to use one coat

If your contract says "one coat" and they put up one coat, and it actually has paint on all the surfaces....then they fulfilled the contract
If there are patches with no new paint, they broke the contract
Don't pay until it's fixed

If the contract merely states "paint walls"...well...they may have technically filled the contract, but you are dissatisfied with how it was done...that's a sticky wicket...

If it states two coats, and one was used, they broke the contract
Do not pay them until it's fixed

If no contract was used, consider it tuition paid to the school of hard knocks and don't do that ever again (nothing personal-I give the same advice to contractors that get ripped off and don't use a contract)

I'm not saying you did, but just in case, or for anyone else reading this:
If you used a cheapo $150 a room company, then that's normal
They are cheap for a reason
Usually no prep, no cleaning, no sanding, watered down paint, and extra charges for what "normally" comes with a more 'expensive" paint job
The jobs can look pretty nasty
If that's the case, then chalk that one up to "tuition" also, and get a pro in there
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I found your other post, and moved it here
My previous reply was to your first post
The second post answered some of my questions

They used two coats

So, my questions to you would be

What did the contract state?

What were the old colors, what are the new colors?

Why is it obvious there is not enough paint on them?
What exactly do you mean by that?
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Did you get any references before hiring the painters?

What brand/type of paint was used?

I often do 1 coat repaints but it is always dependent on color, type of paint as compared to what is on the surface. Most of my contracts stipulate coverage and customer satisfaction.

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