What to use to patch nail holes on exterior siding


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What to use to patch nail holes on exterior siding

I posted a similar question not too long ago.

I am repainting a house with cedar clapboards. I have sanded them down to the bare wood. I have been using bondo all purpose putty for large cracks and gouges as well as filling counter sunk nail holes. I think the bondo is great for large gouges, but am wondering about nail holes.

I have heard that something like DAP elastopatch (as per this website) would be better for nail holes and small dings because it stays flexible. Also bondo in every nail hole is very time consuming, especially sanding. It's great though for fixing a split clap after it has been glued back together. Here is how I would do this.

1. Patch large cracks/gaps with bondo all purpose putty.

2. Sand clapboards and bondo

3. Prime

4. Sand primer 100 grit

5. Fill nailholes with DAP product/caulk seams


7. Topcoat.

BTW I will be using an oil based primer.

Any thoughts on this. If I use the esalstopatch should I prime first or fill then prime?

Thanks for the help.
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I posted a reply 5-10 minutes ago, wonder where it went

oh well, let me try again

I usually use caulking or window glazing to fill exterior nail holes. IMO caulking is quicker and holds up better but glazing does a neater job.
It has been a long time since I've used elastopatch but if I remember correctly you should prime the wood first - read the label to for exact instructions.
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It says to remove all loose paint, crud, etc. I was hoping to prime to seal the rusty nail heads, then use the DAP then another coat of primer.

Thanks for the reply.

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