Painting my house


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Painting my house

I want to paint my mobile home chocolate brown, and cream. Now what would be a good color for the window frames, trim, shutters, and doors?
I'm thinking burgandy, but would it be too much for all of these?

Thanks guys, and I'm new on board.
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Welcome to the diy forums!

Since colors are mostly a person desicion I'll not address that other than to say that the paint store personel can give good advice and they usually have charts that show wome of the color combinations that go well together.

When painting a MH [or any aluminum siding] it is impertive to clean it well. Any chalk on the siding will prevent the paint from bonding well. If you can't remove all the chalk - add emulsa bond to the first coat of latex paint.
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Maybe I'm missing something, and don't fully understand... Where will the brown be, and the cream? Brown on the body, and cream on the skirt?

As stated in a previous reply, colors are a personal choice, but usually, I haven't noticed more than two colors on a house - one for "body" of the house, and a second on the trim. Anytime a third color is used, it seems to be used as an accent on the door, or on the door and shutters....
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2 colors have always been pretty standard for exterior color schemes but it isn't uncommon for a 3rd to be used. Because of the lack of detail most MHs are best done with only 2 colors unless you are painting shutters/doors or the skirting/underpinning a 3rd color.

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