Exterior Paint Job Warranty Question


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Exterior Paint Job Warranty Question


Is it customary these days for an exterior house paint job for the Contractor to warranty or guaranty the job against paint peeling, etc. ?

If so, what's a reasonable time period (live in New England) to ask for ?

Or, are there just too many variable involved to realistically expect
him to do so ?

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I can't speak for painters in your region [slickshift can and will comment later] but I always gave a 1 yr warranty although I also was confident that with my workmanship and quality coatings that I'd never have to go back I've heard that some paint contractors offer a 2 yr warrantty.

Bottom line - don't hire a contractor that won't stand behind his work.

There are exceptions where some work can't reasonably be garunteed but this would be discussed during the bidding process.
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Though not mandatory beyond what is required by state law, many (could be most, might even be all) quality painting companies will offer a warranty
Traditionally this has been one year
Lately the trend has been two years
It is reasonable to expect a properly prepped and applied quality coating to last that long w/o problems due to prep or application

There is also the manufacturers warranty
Usually a 1 to 5 year deal
This can be 20 years plus, but does not cover labor, or normal wear and tear
(which anything that shows up after the first few years is most likely normal wear and tear-if it was a defect in the product, it'd show up very quickly)
Those are mostly for marketing (advertising) purposes

There are many exceptions that could void a warranty in New England, from climate (on the ocean) to substrate (very old wood, old unknown coatings), to environmental (a "wet" house-often an older house "updated" or "winterized" with improper moisture control)
These usually will be noted before work begins, and perhaps even a waiver signed

Some companies have Taillight Warranties
They warranty the work until you can't see their taillights as they drive away
You'll want to avoid these companies
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I was browsing CertaPro's website and thought their warranty was quite peculiar...

If the problem was due to a problem with the paint, they would not warranty it at all (even if they specified the paint). That seemed not great, but not totally unreasonable for a bargain paint job. I would think that a decent outfit would supply the labor even if it was the paint's fault (at least for a limited time), unless the painter was forced to use a non-preferred paint by the homeowner.

The real odd part was that if they did make a mistake putting up the paint, they would supply the labor, but you are expected to pay for the replacement paint and other materials. I can only imagine the conversation I'd be having with them if I was some poor homeowner filing a claim...


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